Flyer of the 2018 winter shows of the band Veins. Veins Nile tour support 2018 "What should not be unearthed part III" Europe tour

Veins 2018 Europe Tours & Winter Shows

Here you have all the dates of the 2018 winter shows confirmed as the date 14 January.
More shows to be announced soon.


See for more info on the Nile Tour.

Flyer of the tour by the American Death Metal band Nile, with support by the Italian Death Metal band Veins from Rome, Italy.

Veins support Nile tour 2018

Veins is confirmed in the bill of the 2018 “What should not be unearthed part III” Nile tour.
The shows in which the band will perform as support act are:
24.02.2018 Galvanik Club – Zurich, Switzerland
25.02.2018 Revolver Club – San Dona di Piave, Italy
27.02.2018 Randal Club – Bratislava, Slovakia
28.02.2018 Durer Kert – Budapest, Hungary
01.03.2018 Barrak Club – Ostrava, Slovakia
02.0302018 Alte Brauerei – Annaberg Bucholtz Germany
03.03.2018 Columbia Theater – Berlin, Germany

Continues as such the promotion of the new album “Innocence”, released on June 2017.
This is the second Europe tour of the band, following the first one with Lunarsea on January.
Stay tuned for more!

live at Bari 23 December 2017

Veins live at Bari 23/12/2017

On December 23rd of last year we officially started the promotion of our new album “Innocence” with an awesome show at Bari, Puglia! So many great bands on stage, it was an honor to play in front of such an amazing crowd.


Bari, see you next time!